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Lists news and additions and changes on Mats Bengtssonweb site. The web site is used to collect important information I (Mats Bengtsson) like to share with others in same way as others have helped me find information on Internet. It does cover some of my main interests (trading stock, analysis, easylanguage, kayaking, home improvement, do it yourself, woodworking, multimedia, ...) Mixes pure information with thoughts and suggestions and advises based on what I have learned from others through discussions and reading, as well as own findings experiences and thoughts.


Updated a number of the Water and Temperature Based Heat Investment Calculation Forms to no longe ruse deprecated functions which the web provider had made unusable. Thus making a number of calculations work again.


Updated the Water and Temperature Based Heat Investment Calculation Form for a number of fields that displayed zeroes instead of updated values after previous update.


Updated the Water and Temperature Based Heat Investment Calculation Form. The old one did not work in Chrome,since it required Flash. Exchanged FusionCharts to Highcharts. Added some new diagrams. Hope Highcharts work at least as good as Fusioncharts, but have found some issues I have corrected in Internet Explorer.


Added a story about how to repair a window frame by replacing a bit of the frame with a fresh piece of wood. To not make a too long web page, I also added a page on how to use a router for making this kind of replacements of wood.


The site had grown quite a lot and the original menues were too cluttered. I have now split the menues into more menues, but not yet into more levels (the home improvement projects, do it yourself, and woodworking sections overlap and could all be part of a common level). Same goes for the heating and own heat calculations pages. Kayaking pages are also split between kayak tips and techniques, kayak safety and kayak trips. The site does look a little different with more menues, and also an added hierarchical navigation bar.

Technology is changing. I have changed the way flash is handled, not prompting for missing flash player on all pages.


Added some information on how to find wood dry enough for building furnitures and how dry wood should be to build furnitures


Added some information on how to protect yourself using a Festool CMS table saw by buying the Exaktor table saw cover.


Addeed some more information regarding polishing the top layer of waterborne paint


Added information about a useful but simple to do jig for Festool CMS router table, a vertical fence, to allow routing of pieces that otherwqise would risk being sucked in between the Festool CMS sliding fences.


Added a notice on the need to think of air flow instead of pressure when using high quality spray guns.


Site had been hijacked and thus deactivated by hosting company. Site is now back up after some cleaning.

Changed the heat temperature calculation forms for outside temperature based heat usage and outside temperature based heat usage including water temperature calculations. By some reason they only allowed selection of "copenhagen" temperature data. They now again take temperature data from the selected cities in the dropdown menue.

Added a page on using the Festool Domino to make mortises in frames, without using the Domino loose tennons.


Extended an already existing description of how to glue loose tiles of oak wood fish bone parquetry flooring into place.


Added a description of how to use the Leigh D4R jig with M2 mortise and tenon addition to repetitively route mortises at the same distance from the edge when doing for example a drawer frame where the drawer frames need to be aligned.


Added a description of routing mortises in small frames, specially when the mortises are neither centered, nor following the long edge, but rather are square to the long edge.


Some more in depth descriptions of what to think of when tuning the spray gun.


Added a short description on how to sandpaper when spraying waterborne paint


Added a short description of what is needed in order to successfully spray waterborne paint on your own woodwork.


When we where out paddling with the KF Öresund kayak club, one of the new members fell into the water. This turned out to be a real life practice of a well rehersed t-rescue. The new member had participated in the kayak course held by the club and thus all steps where well drilled and worked in the real life situation as well.


I am using an Archos mp3 player, and to that one I have the movavi Video Suite. In the new version I found that there was a function for creating slide shows, and thus I now have a slide show from Fjällbacka and a slide show from unsorted shorter kayak trips. They where in the end created using proshow.


On one of the ordinary tuesday paddling evenings in the KF Öresund kayak club, we passed the harbour (or rather the lighthouse outside the harbour) at the same time as one of the bigger ship passed by. In spite of the size of the ship, it more or less did not generate any waves, but it was anyway an impressive site. Just two weeks before I had paddled a bit behind a similar ship on its way out of the harbour, so I know that in a limited space, the propellers create a good turmoil in the water.


I recently was out paddling in a strange combination: strong gale, foam on the water, but no waves. The reason for the lack of waves was two sided. We were paddling on the protected side of the shore, having a shore between us and the wind. But most important, we where paddling on a shore with very shallow water. Where the water was deeper, the waves started building. This was interesting, I have been paddling at the very same place once before in similar but more calm conditions. At that time, we paddled in the higher waves until we reached the reef, at which time all waves disappeared, and on the other side of the reef, they never built to higher waves again.


Added a a short description of some more early spring trips around Malmö 2010. Also some thoughts on what to wear in these temperatures that fits kayaking, as well as resting, as well as beeing in the water if so happens (I did not fall in, I just stepped out into the water to see how it felt).


Added a short description of our first spring paddling 2010. Also some thoughts on how well my clothing worked after first spring trip in cold water. The heavier socks worked well, but the same gloves as I used before did not work well immediately after a break (wet gloves resting on the cold ground became cold, and "reheating" them through my finger temperature made my fingers painfully cold). After about 10 minutes when the gloves hade become heated through my hand temperature, it all worked as expected again, but the gloves where probably not enough to be safe if falling into the water.


Added a description of how to figure out what mounting distances to use when mounting Blum hinges on cabinet doors.


Was out paddling in winter water. There was ice on the water when we started, and temperature was around 0 degrees in the air. I was still comfortable in my dry suit, but my feet got cold.


Did a nice autumn paddle trip in Löddeköpinge together with a fellow kayaker with similar equipment, but a faster kayak


Added a description on what is needed for a kayak paddling group to be considered a safe group to paddle with


Bought a new Canon MP 980 printer which prints well but was so hard to get working on my Windows XP 64-bit computer that I noted how to install it.


Added a discussion on improved physical shape for improving both your kayaking as well as your kayak techniques.


Added a page with my thoughts on kayak safety and rescue techniques needed for kayaking


Added a page on experience from using 0.5 mm thin neoprene shirt and pants as an alternative to the drysuit and the rash guard.


Corrected a faulty RSS pointer that should have pointed to a kayak course I attended, held by Nigel Foster


Added a separate page which condenses the previous story of how I selected my kayak by making a summary of only the special points to consider when choosing a kayak for tall people. This means that there is now a base kayak selection checkklist and an added kayak selection checklist for tall people.


Summary of my thoughts after attending a one day kayak training session with Nigel Foster and his wife Kristin. Also added a more general description of gore-tex drysuits in general, and how to enlarge the drysuit rubber neck seal if necessary.


Summarized a beginners guide to when and how to use the kayak skeg. The skeg is a very simple tool to use. But when seated in the kayak, what you see is the bow. If you try to adjust the skeg thinking of what the bow is doing, instead of what the stern is doing, then tuning the skeg becomes hard. Thus, the key point is to focus on what the stern is doing, although you do not see it.


Added a summary of my main points on how to choose kayak. There was a long description on how to choose kayak if you are tall. This one is focusing on a summary of the key points to focus when choosing kayak that are valid also if you are not tall. It is very much the same choices to take and same issues to consider independent of your own size. The probably biggest difference is that you have less kayaks to select from if you are large, and also that you are more likely to be outside what some of the kayaks are designed for.


Added a section on my new skwoosh sit cushion, which allows me to sit comfortably in the kayak for a longer time.


Vacation is over, so there is now too little time. Also, by some reason, my server is out of disk, although there should be plenty. Thus, rather than holding until some undefined point in future, I am now releasing the pictures that are ready from the 4 day kayak trip to Fjallbacka 20090813, and will add more later. Also, the kayak RSS feed now is working.


Added a section on how to learn the kayak eskimo roll when you are old and no longer as limber as before, but focusing on the mind and relaxation as true important factors rather than lack of flexibility and age.


Added another way to read the news in this news file, RSS for this web site


The number of pages had grown a lot so the old menue system started to becomes cumbersome to find topics in. Thus did a slight change in order to make the current main topic become easier to find in the navigation bar to the left.


Added some information about my Werner Athena kayak paddle, and how I went about choosing kayak paddle


Added a description of our kayak tour from Hellerup to Tårbaeck in Denmark 20090801 having some problems with getting the photos to appear by default in google earth, will have to look into that later.


Added a description of what is often mentioned in litterature on paddling and balance, but seldom expressed clearly for a beginner


Added a description of the kayak excursion the club made around skanör/falsterbo 20090725. Also added a little on my new toy, Oregon 550 and creating the picture from google Earth used in the above page.


Added some from our vacation in Denmark


Added suggestions on where to get weather forecasts in southern Sweden. Added experience of a dry suit in warm summer.


Did a number of small edits, and also updated some kayak pages (my first thoughts of my Romany, and paddling in skanör). also added a description of my experience from paddling in a dry suit.


An addition to the story of my scare from the Kodiak, now starting to feel better


Long time since last edit. Added a section form our last kayaking at Borstahusen, Landskrona.


Added a section over home improvement jobs for the second year after moving in and added some home improvement jobs to first autumn after moving in


Added a section on my scare from the Prijon Kodiak


Added a section on comparing Kayaks.


Added a new section, how to choose a Kayak


Added some text on the NIBE 2025 Fighter series heat pump COP


Cleaned up references to a number of pictures with swedish names that did not work on all browsers


Added an extension of the temperature based form, allowing calculations using formulas which take forward water temepratures and hot water temperatures into account.


Added a section on how to define when a heat pump is overdimensioned


Added the possibility to calculate the different months percentage of the yearly house heating need


Added the possibility to calculate translations of energy needs in different forms (using oil, wood, ...) to an energy need expressed in kwh, in order to be able to look at and compare heating alternatives.

At the same time moved the calculations to a separate part in the menues.


Extended the temperature based form below to show diagrams over saving times. At the same time reduced calculation times again.


Extended the temperature based form below to show maximum number of start stop cycles per day. A negative side effect was that the time to load the page was increased quite a bit.


Extended the temperature based form below to show charts indicating heat needs and heat pump power outputs


Extended the temperature based form below to show separate tables for Air/Water and Geothermal pumps showing needed additional heating.


Added a form from which it is possible to define the heat need curve of a house, and the COP and power curve of a heat pump, in order to compare payback of different heat pumps at different temperatures.


Added a form from which it is possible to enter a number of parameters to calculate basic payback times for comparing heat pumps


Added more on the jobs done in and around the house during the end of the first year after moving in.


Added some information on lowest temperatures and average temperatures around Malmoe


Added more on the business case for a heat pump by including the tap water heating into the calculations. Still have a little left to do here, calculating it on a day by day basis based on historical temperature data.


Added a lot more information and data around the profitability with different sized heat pumps. Added a little more on average temperature data.


Continued with explanations on both why calculations are best done on day to day basis, why comparisons should be done to alternatives, as well as why comparisons between alternatives are important.


Expanded a little more on the subject of profit calculations from different sized pumps, but there is still more needed to be written


Added more on the profits from selecting different sized heat pumps


Added some information about the difficulty to know your heat needs, and how hard it is to guess how much an alternative heating will mean


Added a block diagram showing how heater and heat pump cooperates


Changed in the page with the list of house jobs, dividing it into more and shorter pages


Added some details on the piping between radiator and pipes.


Added some pictures and som more text on the first year major projects in the house.


Added more text in the first year major projects in the house. Need to re-edit that side and make it shorter later on.


Added text on the first year major projects in the house


Added text on isolation of the house


Added more text on how to handle the competing heat control systems in the house


Added more on how to add a radiator where there is no previous radiator. and more on the increased cost due to competing heat systems in the house.


Added a section about reducing the cost for heating my house


Changed the whole site to use CSS instead of frontpage.


Added an example of a Trailing Stop exit, and an indicator to compare between usage of percentages or volatility for trailing stops.


Why cherry-picking of your favorites lowers your ability to profiteer on the market cycles.

How to exit in an ordered way


Added a chapter on how to beat the professional Fund Managers, and how to trade better by using less old knowledge.


Never trade stocks without having tested your system. In fact, most trading systems are not profitable if tested over many stocks. Full story...

Do not invest in heating equipment without having compared the alternatives, not only to current situation, but also to each other. Full story...

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