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Simon would follow me on walks around the neighborhood

If I went out for a walk, Simon would follow me as soon as he realized I went in his allowed direction. In same way as he followed me inside the house, and followed Pernille in the garden, he would follow me on a walk on the sidewalk. He would come out through the fence, and simply join me in my walk. He would follow me far outside what I believed was his turf (I never learned how big it was, but when he was young and strong, I think it was our block plus 8 more blocks). I would get worried what would happen if we met a dog. I was afraid he trusted my capabilities to protect him from dogs, but most likely, he trusted his own instead. Independent of which, he walked by my side also if a dog came walking. He would now and then leave me for entering gardens. The longer from our house we came, the more often he would leave for such excursions. Normally I never walked more than 2 blocks from the house with him in straight length, and an additional block in sideway.

In the beginning we would take these walks frequent, often to the colony we had. But the longer ways Simon followed me, the more worried I became for Simon getting into trouble or getting lost. The more worried I became, the more seldom we took those walks. Another difficulty was to have to say no to him when he wanted to walk with me in the directions which were not allowed (due to traffic). He really did want to. But in the other directions were large roads, which I did not want him to cross. And I had to take those walks when going to the bus for the job in the mornings. It was always with great pain I had to tell him not to follow me those ways. A pain I am sure he felt just as much, or even more, than me. He could probably not understand the reason, only that I did not want him to come. It was saddening to have to do that. Specially when I knew Simon enjoyed following me.



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