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Simon, when old, once attacked a cat and possibly lost the cat fight

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Simon, when old, once attacked a cat and possibly lost the cat fight

The year before Simon gave up his will to live and decided to die, Simon attacked a cat. This is the only time I have seen him attack of a cat. I was amazed he did it, but he did. Normally, Simon would walk up to cats, not fight them. His behavior if they were male and unfriendly would normally make them give way by just him getting there, without being aggressive.

The cat was big and close to Simon's turf and not going away

At this specific occasion, this other cat was on our side of the street. It was even under my car. Simon was always carefully inspecting all cars arriving on the street. The cat being under my car was probably extra offensive. Simon was sitting on the sidewalk by the car, looking at the cat under the car. The other cat stayed where it was. I watched Simon, he was frustrated. And he showed he was frustrated. But the other cat remained. After a long time, minute or minutes I would say, Simon went in under the car, possibly to fight the cat, possibly to get more close to the cat. Anyway, result was that a cat fight broke out. Now, I normally think Simon was a very clever cat. But this was a stupid move. Maybe he knew that, but maybe when he could not get the other cat to leave his territory, he maybe considered himself having no choice but to fight the cat.

A big forest cat fighting under a car has lost his advantage in a cat fight

My big white forest cat went under my car and got into a fight under that car with another cat. There is no real advantage of being a big cat if you are being big under a low car. In fact, it is a disadvantage. I believe Simon got beaten, at least I know he tore a couple of claws of under the fight. I do not know which of the cats won, because I rushed out and broke of the fight. Simon wanted to continue fighting the cat. The other cat moved away from me, but I do not think he moved away from Simon. At least the other cat showed he also wanted to continue the cat fight. And this other cat was also very big, I could see that now when he was out in the open. Simon went after again, and I stopped them again before they could start fighting, and then carried Simon in.

I think Simon choose to fight the cat because that was the turf close to his house

This is the first time ever I have seen Simon actually attack. And this is the first year I have heard Simon hiss at other cats. From that year, Simon continued to hiss every time he met cats that I saw. This was a new behavior from Simon. I believe this marked the time when Simon was so much of age that other cats considered him possible to beat.



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