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Just back from a nice trip with the Kayak club

This weekend, me and my wife and 5 others from the Kayak club in Malmoe ("kanotföreningen Öresund") went out on a trip from Borstahusen in Landskrona to Råå close to Helsingborg, and back. It was a trip arranged by the club, as part of their excursion program.

It was a lovely trip. Everything was "about right". Good people, nice company, good wind, good distance (25 km). It was just one of those days where the wind is neither too little, neither too much (5-8 meter per second was the expectation for the day, close to standard wind in Skåne). Originally, the plan was for a trip in Stenshuvud, but with the direction of the wind, and with the forecast for that area saying more wind (8-11 meter per second), it was decided to change to Borstahusen.

Me At Borstahuse
The trip was absolutely fantastic. Wish we had more photos to show the beauty of the trip. Starting in calm weather, absolutely clear water all the way to the bottom.

Varying between a colour of green letting the thoughts wander to more exotic places, and over to the colout of darker blue. We saw a lot of fish, we even saw one bird catching a fish and flying away with it. And we saw a lot of birds, as well as birds nests.

Mia And Erik at Borstahusen

The two photos here, the one above of me, and the one to the side of some of the others in the group are taken on the same day, and on the same time. It can be seen that I am dressed a bit differently, and probably a bit warmenr, but not as much as it looks (more on that later).

If there should be a minus noted on any part of the trip, then it would be that the first landing spot contained so much weed that the paddel became heavy from it, and the kayaks hade to be cleaned on the water for rudder and skeg to work again. But that is a very minor thing and noted only to not forget both pluses and minuses, and depending on the spot we decided to paus at (which besides the last three meters of water was perfect). In general, the water was very clear and clean.

Kayaks at first landing after Borstahusen

Dry suit commercial (or disclaimer)

Me standing with dropped dry suitFrom the pictures, it can be thought that I am a bit overdressed. I might be, those around me actually wear short sleeves. But even on a day like this (22-24 degrees and sunshine), my dry suit is a lot more comfortable than my wet suit was during the autumn months. In the wet suit I did sweat more, even on so cold days, and the clothing I now wear beneath the dry suit is light and dries quickly. And with the water still at 15 degrees, I prefer dry suit before paddling in t-shirt.

Also, it is quite nice to never be wet, even after doing as today, 4 landings from shore, getting water into the kayak. I have summarized some thoughts after usage of a dry suit.

On the way home, the waves might have been a bit higher than on the way out, but not much. So they provided space for some surfing, some traning, but most of all for a lot easier journey back than out. Unfortunately, my wife is not on the pictures, she is the only one of us yet stable enough to handle the camera on the water...

Me on way back homeSome members on their way back to Borstahusen




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