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The market develops in cycles

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The market develops in cycles

There are many theories on how many cycles there are, how long they are, what markets do well in what cycle, how to recognize what cycle we are in, ...

  • One thing is not debated though: There are market cycles, and at different times different types of companies do better than others. Of course, on top of this is also the fact that there is always new companies established on the market that finds a niche that works fine for them and do good for a long time independent of the current market cycle.

No single company will beat the index independent of time and market cycle, so in order to beat the market long term, you will need to switch what markets and companies you trade.


Never trade stocks without having tested your system. In fact, most trading systems are not profitable if tested over many stocks. Full story...

Do not invest in heating equipment without having compared the alternatives, not only to current situation, but also to each other. Full story...

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