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Kayak safety and kayak techniques and their importance for kayaking

me watching the entrace to the tiderace in wales with the others spread in front and otherwiseWith my interest for kayaking came also an interest for safety questions and kayak techniques. As in so many other cases, it is important to relax and enjoy, but it is also important to know what to care about, and what to be relaxed about.

Many people can paddle kayak a life time and never fall into the water. But even some very highly experienced kayakers get struck by accidents, some of them deadly. So you might never have to know a thing about safety. And you might know a lot abouit safety, and still not be helped by it. The question then is, what is a reasonable level of interest to aim for?

There is no single true answer. The answer differs by the nature of the person, and it differs with when and how you paddle. For example:

I have become interested in safety measures around kayaking (mainly due to a scare I had in the beginning). A good idea if water is not warm is to invest in a kayak drysuit, it is actually more comfortable than wetsuit or even 0.5 mm thin neoprene apparel.

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