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My routines have become based on Simon's existence

In principle every day since Simon became my cat, we have gone up together and had breakfast together around 6 in the morning. Simon was missing from the breakfast one day after being chased by the Schaefer, I searched for him in the surroundings for a whole day, until finally he came back home on his own accord. He has also been away on hospital or cat hotel some few days. But with those exceptions,he has greeted me every morning I have gone up. If he has not been in, he has come in when I have opened the door to the house. If he has not been in the garden at that time, he has ran home when he have heard me. I have seen him come from cross the street (and always been afraid of him being run over). I have avoided letting him hear me until I am sure there are no cars around because he would come running in the same second he heard me. I have seen him come from far up the street. I have seen him coming from way behind our garden. He has always been running to me when he was not already there waiting. I have taught him never to go to the big street. Luckily enough, no morning have I seen him come running form that street. In the first years of his life, Simon was an indoor cat. In those days, he would great me in the morning by first pinching his claws into my bed, exactly beside my toes. I would hear the sharp claws going through the bed. I would feel the closeness of the paw to my toe. But he would not hurt me. But I would be very much awake anyway.

After breakfast, we normally shared an hour before work

After breakfast, we normally spent some time together.

Simon sleeping in his office chair. This time doing his private version of a rolled up cat sleeping.Me, reading work mail at my computer, as well as morning news. This for about an hour. During that time, Simon often waited for me on his office chair. If he was very tired after being out the night, he might even go for a sleep. Normally he slept on his back while in my working room, but if he was really tired, he would do his version of rolling himself to a ball. After that it has depended on day and weather. Simplified it could be said that in good weather I had an outdoor cat, being in for the meals and some additional petting. In the winter, I had an indoor cat, being outside only to do his nature needs. In cold weather Simon would hardly even do that outside. He would get more and more desperate, not wanting to go out, and not wanting to go in the cat sand inside. He would enter and exit the cat-box many times. Normally in the end deciding to go out.

If it was fine weather and I would leave for work, Simon normally followed me out to the car. I would pet him for a while when lying on his back in the pebble on the sidewalk. Then I would drive to work, and he would stay outside during the day. If weather was not nice, he would probably stay inside, after a short after breakfast inspection walk around his turf. When I got back from work, and if he would have been out, he would be waiting for the car and great me welcome back. This is also the time when he would get his evening snack (around 17:00). He would follow me upstairs when I changed clothes, and then down and likely into the working room

After work, we normally shared an hour or so as well

The hours from that until the evening would depend on many things. Simon would likely stay in and get petted for an hour or two before going out until evening meal. But at good weather, both me and him might go out before that. At bad weather, he would stay in. Occasionally wanting me to open the door out so he could see if the weather had changed. The time inside would be spent together with me, or possibly in his basket if he was tired from being out a whole day. If I went to the television, he would follow me in there, and lie on the mat before me. He always lay down in a distance just outside my comfortable reach. In order to pet him, I would have to stretch, or pull him closer. He wanted to be petted, yet he normally always laid down slightly outside comfortable reach.

After the evening meal, Simon was normally outside during the night

Then at 21:30 in the evening, he would take his evening meal. In same way, the rest would depend on the weather. In summer and in good weather, he would go out for the night. In winter and in bad weather, he would go and lie down in his basket. Waiting for me to go to bed, and ending the evening by calling for me to get petted to bed. Then he would sleep.



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