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Kayak tips and thoughts on techniques and experience from kayaking

me and Pernille paddling back from the tiderace in WalesKayaking still remain a great interest for me.The initial interest has led to a lot of trips besides the weekly paddling. Some of the trips and excursions including some slide shows are described here. Although the initial interest was in being on the water and seeing all the beaty around me, I have become quite interested in safety measures and rescue techniques around kayaking as well as in all manouevring skills. I paddle frequently (two three times a week), which is good for the body. I do often practice manouvering techniques, which is good for the understanding of the kayak, as well as the ability to handle it.

Dressing correct is quite important. I have tried a lot. Wetsuits in general make me too sweaty. I even consider 0.5 mm thin neoprene apparel too warm for everything but eskimo roll exercises. I prefer rash guards, worn with some kind of dry pants/dry suit depending on water temperature.

I have tried many kayak techniques and paddling skills, like for example what I call useful bracing and the kayak eskimo roll as well as understanding how and when to use the kayak skeg. I have also attended a course by Nigel Foster in basic kayak control. After a while, paddles turn out to be an interesting topic.

Due to my size, selecting kayak was harder than it would be for a smaller person. Since me and my wife were lucky to start kayaking through a two day course, which I think is an ideal way, we have had the chance to try a lot of kayaks before choosing a kayak. I have summarised the issues to consider when choosing a kyak, and special issues to consider if you are tall and are to choose a kayak.


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