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Analyze chess games using chess engine

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Overview how I analyze chess games using chess engine

This is a topic for which I believe no one has a single answer which fits all. I will instead point out my view on the answer. If you have another view that fits you better, stick to that one. Chess is played in different ways by different people for different reasons. My focus on chess is for it to be fun. That means also my focus on the learning is that it shall be interesting.

The advice I give now is much different from what I would have given before, when computer engines were not stronger than most (all?) human players.

A quick summary of the main points to know before starting the analysis

There is an important catch around the studies that is important to understand. Chess engines are good at detecting blunders. So it is obvious to use them to find and learn about the blunders in a game. Humans are good at learning what they focus. In chess like in sports remember to focus on the positive feedback.

To get good results, avoid using the chess engine where it is not suitable. Thus:

How to use the chess engine itself to start the analysis

This section regards how to use the chess engine to analyze everything from after opening until and including endgame, with or without endgame tables. The first thing is to decide where to focus. I divide my analysis into three sections:

It does happen the chess engine shows an evaluation I do not understand or believe. I may then continue to try to understand, but I may also decide that the suggested kind of play is not something for me.


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