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Simon had been hurting before

Simon had been hurting before. He had been in fights with cats. Simon had been in fights with dogs. He had come home with wounds that got inflamed from cat claws. He had got home with wounds from a dog biting him so he had two holes from fangs in his back, and corresponding two holes from fangs in his breast. The holes clearly showed he had been in the mouth of a big dog. He had come home after a fight so hard that a number of claws had been torn from his own paws. He had been biting and keeping the grip with his mouth so hard that two of his corner tooths had been broken. He had fled (I have seen him avoid one type of dog only, German Schaefer) and then presumably lost his claws when trying to climb up a tree, or possible when trying later to climb down from it. I do not know exactly how he lost his claws after that chase from the Schaefer, but it did not look good, he had torn of almost all claws from three paws, and some from the fourth.

But in spite of wounds and hurting, Simon's spirit had never given way for the pain. It was clear he was in pain, he could not move well (this often happens when cats fight, the wounds get inflamed). It was also clear that Simon trusted me to help him. There was a clear pattern in his behavior when being investigated. If I checked him out and he hurt, he would twitch. If my wife Pernille did the same thing, he would hiss. If they at the hospital did the same thing, he would growl. But he would, if he was hurting, allow us to try to treat him. In the hospital they were very amazed by his acceptance, and they often mentioned it. I have been there when he was having some kind of allergic counter reaction. His head was full of pimples. Which when pressured would give from them a discharge. He allowed the hospital staff to press pimple after pimple in spite of an obvious pain. He knew he needed help, and he accepted it. The only help I knew he did not accept even when in bad shape included giving him a needle into the leg. When that happened, not even two hospital persons together could hold him, they had to be three.

Simon was a clever cat. When his claws were torn off, he got them bandaged. To stop him from licking the wounds, he got a funnel over his head. When back home, he found that he could reach his leg if stretching both leg and neck, in spite of the funnel. So I had to get him a bigger funnel. Then he found out that if he backed into a corner and sat down with the funnel on his head resting on the corner of the wall so it got pressed forward, he could still reach his hind leg to lick it by putting it there instead of trying to reach it with his head. After having tried a cat funnel, plus on top of that a dog funnel, I had to give it up. I sat with him and told him no every time he tried to lick. He got the point, and the paw healed when he let it alone.



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