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My new radiators are Modul from Epecon

Mats Bengtsson mib over the years

We selected modul from Epecon as our new radiators

When selecting a new radiator, we focused on finding something that were likely to stay in business for a long time, and that did provide a lot of different sizes so that if we make changes in the future, we will be likely to find a suitable radiator of the same kind as we have now installed, with the same connection properties and wall mounts.

Finding new radiators on the web is easy. And the vendors do provide a lot of information. The selection has to be made mostly based on availability and looks. We could have selected oher than Epecon, but one of the reasons for deciding for Epecon was that there was a number of vendors in my neighbourhood who carried Epecon, and the Epecon radiators came with the connections we needed for easy mounting of the radiators. Another reason was that the Epecon radiators comes in many sizes, making it easy for us to find one that fits nicely as a replacement for the old radiator.

If there is a standard for Radiator sizes, it has changed

The new radiator sizes, although similar to the old ones, are still different. This means that when mounting the new Epecon radiator, it is not just to unfasten the old one and then mount the new one. What is needed is to make a number of adjustments to the piping, as well as to the wall mounting of the radiators. These changes are not very hard to do, the hard thing is the first time when you have to figure out what is needed to do it, what tools and what parts you will need.


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