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heat cost calculations you can do yourself

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Different heat cost calculations you can do yourself

A person thinking and in the background there is a lot of signs giving pointers in different directionsWhen looking at my heating costs for my house I found many different possible routes to take. But even if all routes made improvements, not all could be taken at once, and some became worse to take later depending on what decisions were taken first. I found a number fo things that could be fixed. I also found that this was an area where much information was missing regarding heat costs and possible savings. So I did involve myself in a lot of deeper discussions on heat pump speicalized forums.

I have put together a lot of the information that did exist in bits and pieces and amongst knowledgable people willing to share. Through the ongoing climate science, data previously not available to the public on temperatures over the years were alsop collected.

The result is a number of different screens, which for example allow you to figure out your energy usage, independent of what is the current source for the energy used. With that knowledge, there is both simple as well as quite complete calculations on heat cost with and without heat pumps.

There is also a middle complex calculation, and some more found through the navigation menue..



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