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A number of possible ways to repetitively set up the same distance

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A number of possible ways to repetitively set up the same distance

Depending on the situation, I transfer distances for set up of sawing, routing, ... using:

  • A piece of wood cut on the table saw, feeling so the edges match
  • Achieving repetitive distances by using a measuring device with an adjustable stop here shown through a combination squareA measuring device with an adjustable stop (Veritas wheel marking gauges are fantastic, but often not long enough for marking routing distances on frames). Combination squares are also very good, and often longer
  • using Festool MFS as a measuring device with a sliding stop to achieve repetitive set upFestool MFS (it is heavy, I use it as a combination square, but only if the pieces measured can be laid down). When using MFS, the square piece is best turned upside down as on this picture. That assures it remains square even under pressure, since the fastening screw is at the measuring side.
  • A very good way to achieve repetitive measurements is to use wood cut to be used in what is being built, and making an adjustable slider of it using a clampTwo pieces of wood, cut to be used in the frame, kept together by a wolfcraft clamp. This is a very good way of achiveing the repetitivity. The pieces of wood are likely to have enough length, since they are to be included in the built project, and thus being long enough for the project. Also, it is easy to achieve the right length clamping the pieces together as in the picture with one single clamp. Since they are straight, and square, they form an excellent reference. And they can even be used to write on...

Most notably, I do not often use a measuring device for the above. A Talmeter tape can be used, but often bends so much that achieving the repetitiveness is hard.



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