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I live in a nice charming house

Mats Bengtsson mib over the years

I live in a nice charming house

I live in a nice charming house built in the late part of 1950. It is a very nice house, with a good atmosphere and good neighbours.

It is also a source to many interesting activities. It is new enough to be quite good as it is, but old enough to contain a lot of things that need or can be altered to improve them. Recently, I started to write down a number of the projects we have done in the house. The list will be expanded as time goes on, there are lot of things we have doen that is not yet in that list.

The heating was too expensive

The heating of the house was too expensive. It consisted of

  • an electronic heater for both water and house heating (the house has water-borne heating)
  • a heat pump that takes heat from air and converts it to heat in the water heating system.
  • In addition to that, there is an oil based furnace, which is not currently in use.

It turned out that the cost could be lowered a lot, by taking a number of different steps to reduce the needed amount of energy to heat the house every year. Through the steps we have taken, we have reduced the energy needed from 30000 kWh per year to 14000 kWh per year (and this when the years have grown a little colder, the energy needed in more comparable circumstances is even more favorable).


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