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In chess like in sports remember to focus on the positive feedback

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In chess like in sports remember to focus on the positive feedback

This is important. If you do not focus on the good things you have done, you will remember them less well than the negative things. Chess engines are good at detecting blunders. They are fantastic to find and learn about the blunders in a game. Humans are good at learning what they focus on. To learn and become better, you need to also focus what you did well. This is a central part in all sport training, neither to be forgotten in chess.

For games I have played myself, I never check the moves done by the other player, only what should have been my reaction to those moves. Thus:

  • If that player did a good move and I missed something, I learn the good move plus the response I should have done.
  • If the player did a bad move and I did a good move which utilized that, or kept me in the game due to that, I learn the utilization or the preventing move I did.
    • If I missed something, then it is in the engine pointed out as a bad move from my side. And I learn how to take advantage of, or prevent, such a move from the engine suggestion on what I should do.

So there is no reason to focus on what was the bad moves of the other player, only what is the best alternatives in the situation I was in.


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