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Simon was a fantastic cat that made a big footprint

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This big lovely fantastic cat Simon really made a big footprint

Simon was a fantastic cat with a huge personality that really managed to make a big footprint or maybe it should be called paw-print. I did love him, and he left a big footprint with me. My wife is much more of a dog person than a cat person, but he got her respect anyway. When we had guests, his waiting for me outside the living room, or his running around the house to get attention via the terrace door really draw attention and became a talking subject.

Simon made a big footprint with the cats and dogs. He made a footprint with people through his different behavior when walking around in the neighborhood and acting like the king of the block. He also got noticed when walking around with me.

Simon did not hide in the corners. Rather he confidently stayed in the open, which was much in line with his personality. Here my loved cat Simon is taking a morning nap on one of our garden fence posts, with his back to the sidewalk. Not fearing any dog or cat sneaking up on him while sleeping.Simon did not walk in hiding around the dark corners and under bushes like those do that risk being caught. Instead he walked openly in the neighborhood. He walked on the sidewalk or in the center of the garden, as those do that have the right to the place. He even slept in the open, not worried for other cats or dogs.

He would come forward and greet me outside if I came home and he was outside. He would sit and wait if I spoke with the neighbors or someone else. And then follow me in when I was done. If it took too long, this fantastic cat would remind me of his presence, but also keep on waiting.

Simon really got noticed and appreciated as a fantastic cat by many around the neighborhood

Here is my lovely cat Simon lying in a position what I would call on the street. He is using his left front leg to prove that he is still on the sidewalk. This fantastic cat would wait for me, and even waiting he would be very noticable.What is most remarkable is the footprint he made around the block, outside our house, amongst humans. He made a big footprint with people in the block and far from the block. People that used to pass by our house noticed him. Cat lovers and children have been looking out for him. They noticed him sitting majestically at the gate to our garden, or openly on the sidewalk outside our home, or lying on the pillar to the gate to our garden.

Simon in a very typical resting on his front leg pose. My white cat Simon used his front leg to rest on just as people may lie on the side on their arm. He also was a fantastic cat on strecthing rules. In this way, he was not on the street.
He was very big, very white, very noticeable, very visible and a cat with a huge personality. His presence and behavior did get their attention. Like when in this photo, lying on the sidewalk. He was not allowed to be on the street. And very visibly he is still on the sidewalk using the front leg to prove it. He did love being close to people. In spite of that, he was not letting anyone except me and Pernille and small girls come really close when outside the house. He would allow people to get within about 2 meters. But then he would move if they came closer. There were many that tried to pet him outside and failed due to him moving away. He did not run away, not even run, he only moved so that he was again sitting a bit further away.

Small girls where different. Probably because my daughter lived much with us when he grow up, so he had gotten a special impression of small girls, or maybe even believed they were her. Whatever the reason, those that could pet him outside except us were all girls.




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