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Simon acted like he was a wild forest cat

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My cat Simon acted like he was a wild forest cat

Simon remained very watchful on sounds and quick movements in his surroundings (except when he was older and sleeping, then he did not wake that easily). When being outside, Simon never allowed humans, except me and my family and girls, to come closer than 2 meters. It was strange, he acted like he wanted to, but did not dare to. Many people thought he were going to let them close enough to pet them, and it looked like he would want it. But something kept him back. The neighbors tried many times, even with bribery (Simon loved food). But always when they came too close, Simon moved away a bit. Even for me, if outside adn approaching him with a long shafted rake in my hand, my cat would immediately react like on a threat. This was different from his behavior with cats and dogs. Simon would approach cats calmly. And Simon would not back a step for a dog, even if the dog was clearly attacking him. And inside he would not be afraid of people, but outside he was prepared for people being dangerous to him.

When eating, Simon would be prepared to run on strange sounds

When inside, Simon was eating with all senses on full alert. This big white forest cat, so sure of himself, would still have all alerts on when eating. An unexpected sound would make him run away before going back to the food to continue eating. He was not sure of what he was not allowed to do for Pernille when inside. Yet, that would not stop him from doing it, not even the things he was sure of, it would only keep him on the alert for the risk of being caught.

When in my work room, Simon was totally calm and relaxed

Initially, the only place where he was totally calm was in my work room, and even there he would be on alert and move for the vacuum cleaner.

My white forest cat Simon relaxing on his back in his office chair in my work room. He very typically curls his toes on his back feet, and stretches his front legs upwards. He loved to be petter under the front legs and the breast, but not on his stomachBesides for the vacuum cleaner, in my work room Simon was totally relaxed. And when things went on around him that frightened him (like new years eve fireworks), that was the place he would run to. When he finally took his loved basket in possession, that became another place where he remained calm, although it was placed in the middle of the house.



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