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Skanör kayaking 20090613

Skanör is in the southern part of Sweden. In fact, it is the bottom west part, placed so when you go out kayaking, you can go on the west side or east side, and you can also select to go on the south side. If you go on the west side, you will be protected from weather both from south as well as east. so there is likely to be a good place to be. also, it is shallow with nice water. A popular place to be in summer.

Me Looking at K3 kayakWe are some times paddling here with some friends, who just recently bought a K3 kayak, a kayak with place for three persons. It is huge, more on the way of a canoe than on the way of a kayak. On the picture left, I am standing admiring it. It is the yellow kayak on the car, but since the camera is closer to my wifes X-Cite, it does not look as large as it in fact is.



Friends with K3 kayak

Last time we were out paddling in Skanör was the first time we have sean a seal from the kayak. This is something we have aimed at, and still hope to see many more times, but nothing is like the first time. Unfortunately, we did not get any pictures from the seal, but my wife took a picture our friends when placing their new K3 in sea for the first time.



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