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Getting forecasts on the weather

There is many ways to get forecasts on the weather. And there is a lot of advice on where and why and...

But I thought I should add a little bit on that for us living in souther Sweden. It does not have so much to do with what to think of, as it has to do with where to find the information.

Denmark is a good source for weather forecasts for southern Sweden

Denmark is a country, that luckily has a number of small land areas around southern Sweden. This means that the weather forecasts they do, actually covers a lot of southern Sweden. Also, they do good forecasts, and make them available in an easy to get manner. The forecasts show expectations hour by hour, with very detailed differences between different locations.

For Water information (water temeprature, waves, swell, current and also wind temperature) I recommend Denmark DMI animated water forecasts.

For rain forecast (also hourly animation), I recommend Denmark DMI weather forecast

Finally, for real current weather in Malmoe, I recommend Limhamns Skeppshandel weather station.


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