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Table comparing sandpaper grit standard in Europe and USA

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Table comparing sandpaper grit standard in Europe and USA

The below table is originally from Wkipedia, but with some slight changes. What it shows is two colored sections, a section where the difference is small enough to not matter too much (green) and a section from where difference is huge and must be thought of (red). As can be seen, it is only when using finer grits that the difference need to be considered. But in the fine grits, the difference is huge.

ISO/FEPA Grit designation (European standard) CAMI Grit designation (US standard) Average particle diameter (µm)
Extra Coarse (Very fast removal of material, hardwood flooring initial sanding)
P24   764
  24 708
P30   642
  30 632
  36 530
P36   538
Coarse (Rapid removal of material) P40 40 425
  50 348
P50   336
Medium (sanding bare wood in pre-preparation for finishing, for gentle removal of varnish, also used for skateboard grip tape)   60 265
P60   269
P80   201
  80 190
Fine (sanding bare wood in preparation for finishing, not suitable for removing varnish but for removing paint from wood, use for cleaning plaster and water stain from wood) P100   162
  100 140
P120   125
  120 115
Very Fine (sanding of bare wood, preparing for varnish or laquer or high gloss paint) P150   100
  150 92
P180 180 82
P220 220 68
Very Fine (sanding finishes between coats) P240   58.5
  240 53.0
P280   52.2
P320   46.2
P360   40.5
Extra fine, start polishing of wood or sanding small errors in coat layers which does not risk to come in separate layers   320 36.0
P400   35.0
P500   30.2
  360 28.0
P600   25.8
Super fine (final sanding of finishes, final sanding of wood)   400 23.0
P800   21.8
  500 20.0
P1000   18.3
  600 16.0
P1200   15.3
Ultra fine (final sanding and polishing of thick finishes and preparing for high gloss polishing) P1500 800 12.6
P2000 1000 10.3
P2500   8.4



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